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Office Update:


Curbside Care is still operational and accommodates all potentially infected patients. Vaccines and Covid testing will be done at our Curbside Care Station, Monday-Friday. Feel free to call our office to schedule your appointment today!  Virtual telehealth appointments are available through our patient portal for established patients.  Learn more...


How We Are Here For You

Despite healthcare protocol changing daily, one consistent theme remains: Keep Your Distance.

This is meant to protect you from others, and others from you.

Knowing that our patients still need care both for ongoing medical issues as well as acute illness, we have established the following ways to help Keep the Distance.

Patient care given inside our building is for non-infectious patients with no fever or any type of respiratory symptoms. On top of that, strict infection control measures are in place. Patients are taken to the exam room quickly to prevent waiting with others in our lobby. Staff is ultra diligent about handwashing, gloving, mask use if appropriate, sanitizing rooms between each patient, and sanitizing equipment right down to the pen you use at our reception counter.

For patients that are battling any type of infectious illness, we are offering Curbside Care. We have a care station in our parking lot equipped with everything needed to assess and treat your illness in an isolated setting. We ask that you first call our office where you will be screened and scheduled for Curbside Care.

Finally, telemedicine is a similar process to FaceTime or Skype between the provider and patient. Insurance companies are clearing the way for providers to utilize this in a greater capacity to help Keep the Distance. We are developing our ability to offer telemedicine, and hope to offer that as an option for care very shortly.

All of these options will be discussed with our patients who call and need healthcare. If you have called our office recently, thank you for enduring the tedious screening process designed to keep you and others safe. We will continue to operate regular hours and be available for whatever your health concern may be. Thank you!

We provide up-to-date CDC information regarding the Coronavirus/COVID-19 on our website and social media platforms.